Large Format Posters

Make your mark with large format posters

With all different media vying for space, an eye-catching poster is still one of the best ways to grab the attention of someone walking down the street.

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Blockout Posters (12pt C2S)

Blockout Posters are an economical paper option featuring thickness and durability. The 12pt C2S stock is produced by two laminated 6pt coated sheets with a black adhesive middle layer; the semi-gloss surface and block-out center keeps light out, ensuring 100% opacity.

Available Size:
12” x 12” to 60” x 120”

9mil Backlit Posters

Backlit Posters are produced on a 9 mil semi-rigid material with
a glossy topcoat, for vivid backlit graphics and superior light diffusion. Great for exhibition panels, POP displays, movie posters, transportation signage, and more. Can be used outdoors if placed inside a lightbox that provides UV protectant sheets.

Available Sizes:
12” x 12” to 59” x 120”

8mil PhotoGloss Posters

Photo Gloss Posters are printed on 8mil photo quality glossy stock, a pigment/dye quick-dry material. Ideal for enlarged photos, signs, and artwork. Please note, this product is somewhat delicate, not scuff-resistant or waterproof.

Available Sizes:
6” x 6” to 58” x 120”