Adhesive Graphics

Window & Floor Signs

Adhensive graphics are the dynamic marketing application found on floors, sidewalk and windows.

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Vinyl Floor Graphics

Printed on 4 mil flexible vinyl with a 6 mil clear over laminate and removable acrylic adhesive. Ideal for interior applications on most dry, clean, and untextured floors.

Available Size:
12” x 12” to 52” x 120”

Aluminum Floor Graphics

Produced on a rugged 20 mil aluminum foil material. Printed direct using UV cured inks and designed to withstand harsh conditions, they can be used on textured, rough, or smooth surfaces making these floor graphics suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.

Available Sizes:
12” x 12” to 51” x 120”

8mil Low Tack Vinyl

Produced with low-tack adhesive backing on 8mil vinyl. These graphics are perfectly suited for smooth, non-textured surfaces such as walls, desks, and glass.
Custom cut-out shapes are available.

Available Sizes:
6” x 6” to 52” x 120”

4mil High Tack Viny

Printed on the front of white 4 mil vinyl with permanent adhesive backing, then attached to an unscored release liner. This product is incredibly durable and can be used bothindoors and outdoors. Removal after application is not recommended.

Available Size:
6” x 6” to 58” x 120”

30mil Car Magnets

Printed on 30 mil heavy-duty glossy material ideally suited for vehicles, these can also be used on other metal surfaces as temporary signs.

Available Sizes:
9” x 9” to 24” x 36”

Window Clings

Printed at near-photo quality on glossy vinyl with paper backers that are peeled off prior to application. For 8 mil Clear, materialclings front side of print only. For 7 mil White, material clings back side of print only. Ideal for POP signage on glass or other smooth, clean surfaces, and indoor or outdoor use.

Available Sizes: 6” x 6” to 58” x 120”

Available Sizes: 6” x 6” to 52” x 120”

See-Through Window Vinyl

Printed on 6 mil white flexible vinyl front with a clear, removable acrylic adhesive back. The perforated film allows see-through graphics for retail store or flat vehicle windows; open area is approximately 30% (hole size of 1.5 mm).
An optional 2 mil optically clear laminate is available for protection against UV radiation, moisture, and abrasion.

Available Sizes:
6” x 6” to 58” x 120”

Opaque Window Graphics

Printed with UV inks on an 8 mil opaque film with a 1mil clear adhesive film, for a total thickness of 9mil. Available as single-sided or double-sided prints; the opaque film offers excellent blockout of the reverse graphics, allowing for two different images to print back-to-back on a single sheet.

Available Sizes:
6” x 6” to 50” x 120”